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Here Are the Airports With the Best and Worst Wi-Fi

Aside from lost luggage and long TSA lines, slow Wi-Fi can be one of the most frustrating things while traveling.

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JetBlue Rolls Out Satellite Wi-Fi to Entire Fleet

JetBlue completed its rollout of satellite Wi-Fi this week, meaning its entire 227-strong fleet now boasts what the airline describes as “broadband speeds” for every customer.

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Hotel guests use Wi-Fi within seven minutes

According to a survey of travelers, 65% of guests were online within seven minutes of checking into a hotel.

Seven minutes. That’s how long it takes to microwave a small frozen pizza. It’s the length of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter, give or take a second. And it’s also the maximum amount of time that the majority of hotel guests can go without connecting to Wi-Fi.

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In-flight Wi-Fi Expected to Upgrade in 2016

Most travelers using in-flight wi-fi are thwarted by the current state of the service provided. Three out of the four US providers have finally heard the cries of complaints and will boost up their technology for faster streaming. Fortunately, travelers will not see an increase in price for the in-flight wi-fi service.

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Indianapolis May Have Fastest Airport Wi-Fi in the US

Not only is the Wi-Fi in Indianapolis International Airport free, it is estimated to be up to 10 times faster than that in other airports. The airport has upgraded to newer technology and doubled the number of access points. Users do not even need to login or watch any adds before they can connect.

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