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TSA getting ready for Spring Break travelers

WASHINGTON (NEWSPLEX) — The Transportation Security Administration is gearing up for the Spring Break travel period, which usually begins around the end of February and continues into April.

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White House Wants To Level Playing Field For Airline Passengers

The U.S. Department of Transportation late Tuesday unveiled a series of new rules aimed at making airlines – and the way they go about their business – more transparent to consumers.

The government is calling the initiative the most important set of consumer protections from the airline industry in years.

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New security lanes at LAX could help you bypass the slowpokes

Air travelers who can’t stand waiting in line will get some relief when Los Angeles International Airport opens its first two “innovation lanes” designed to speed security screening by up to 30%.

The two new lanes are scheduled to open at Terminal 7, home of United Airlines, by the end of this week. The Chicago-based carrier helped the Transportation Security Administration pay for the new equipment but declined to say how much it invested in the lanes.

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TSA boasts of shortened airport lines for summer

WASHINGTON — After hours-long airport security lines frustrated travelers and airlines alike this spring, Transportation Security Administration officials boasted that nearly all passengers experienced dramatically reduced wait times this summer.

About 98% of fliers waited 30 minutes or less for screening over the summer months and about 92% waited less than 15 minutes, secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said at a news conference Wednesday.

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New technologies and strategies strive to increase airport security and passenger experience

There have been a number of interesting developments in the field of airport security and the need for quicker, more seamless processing and baggage checks has led the likes of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to explore new security lanes. There have also been significant efforts to improve the accuracy of threat detection. These new technologies not only provide better security, but can also help to enhance the passenger experience.

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