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Starting February 2017, the Transportation Security Administration will limit access to its TSA Precheck expedited physical screening lanes.   Only those customers who have paid for and enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler program, such as TSA Precheck will have the most frequent and consistent access to expedited screening lanes.

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TSA Precheck application center opens at Norfolk International Airport next week

Norfolk International Airport will host a temporary Transportation Security Administration Precheck application site from Dec. 5 to 9.

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TSA boasts of shortened airport lines for summer

WASHINGTON — After hours-long airport security lines frustrated travelers and airlines alike this spring, Transportation Security Administration officials boasted that nearly all passengers experienced dramatically reduced wait times this summer.

About 98% of fliers waited 30 minutes or less for screening over the summer months and about 92% waited less than 15 minutes, secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said at a news conference Wednesday.

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Why TSA Precheck is essential to your hotel’s success

We’re officially in the dog days of summer. That peaceful time of year where everything quiets down, Europeans don’t have to work and I wait desperately to see who will win “Master Chef.”

It’s also a huge month for vacations, and with folks flooding the airport, it’s a good time to reignite the issue of why the hotel industry must get behind the TSA and support enrolling people in Pre.

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TSA to Open PreCheck Temporary Enrollment Centers Around the Country

In an effort to reduce the wait that travelers are experiencing when enrolling in the agency’s PreCheck trusted traveler program thanks to a flood of applications in recent months, the Transportation Security Administration announced plans for multiple temporary enrollment centers, starting in the New York metro area.

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