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Delta plans biometric-based self-service bag drop

Delta is introducing four self-service bag drop machines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer, a $600,000 investment that allows customers to quickly, securely and easily check their own bags. One machine will be equipped to test facial recognition technology to match customers with their passport photos through identification verification, a first for U.S. carriers.

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Delta customers get upgrade flexibility

Delta has made it easier for customers to buy premium products after their original ticket purchase.

Under a new policy, customers who have a ticket can purchase upgrades to Comfort Plus, first class or Delta One for any segment of an itinerary. Previously, such purchases had to be made for the entire inbound or outbound half of a trip.

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Delta Leverages ‘Big Data’ To Drive Thoughtful Customer Service In Sky

May 18, 2017) Whether you’ve reached 1 million miles flying Delta or you unfortunately faced a delay recently, your experience matters and Delta is committed to recognizing it. For the first time, the data-driven airline is utilizing “big data” to support the customer service role of its frontline employees and further differentiate the Delta experience.

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Delta to test biometric self-service bag drop

Delta is to become the first US carrier to trial a self-service bag drop machine equipped with facial recognition technology.

The machine will be one of four self-service bag drops to be installed at Minneapolis St Paul International airport this summer.

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Delta continues Boston growth

Delta will add five destinations from Boston in the late summer, continuing its Beantown expansion.

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