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Uber Rolls Out Tipping Feature Among Improvements

Uber is in dire need of some good karma in wake of a series of scandals.

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing service announced Tuesday that it will look to its lifeblood to hopefully turn things around.

Uber has launched the “180 Days of Change” campaign that includes allowing customers to tip drivers, something its top competitor Lyft has been doing all along.

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4 Translation Apps to Ease International Business Communication

Traveling can be one of the great perks of the international business world. Visiting different countries, engaging with new cultures, networking globally, these are huge assets to a career. Unfortunately, those same benefits also can cause the most anxiety.

A CWT Solutions Group survey found that among 6,000 business travelers, there were 33 different factors that could cause travel-related stress, including lost luggage, inconvenient flight times, and, yes, language barriers. But by planning ahead and utilizing a few tools, you can turn this travel headache into an opportunity.

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Why business travellers like writing hotel reviews

Who knew? Who would have thought that business travellers  were so keen to write reviews of their hotels when on the road? Yet they are actually amongst the most prolific sources of guest reviews, according to a recent study by researchers at the prestigious Cornell School of Hotel Administration in the US.

More than four out of every ten reviews – based on an analysis of nearly 6,000  TripAdvisor  reports on 57 hotels in a major world city – were submitted by those travelling on business. This was more than twice that of the next nearest cohort identified: couples, who wrote about 20 per cent of the reviews analysed.

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Five Take-Charge Tactics to Make Business Travel Work for You

As the founder of the largest small-group adventure travel company in the world with offices in 23 countries and employees around the globe, I have to cover a lot of ground to manage my company each year. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, spent New Year’s at the South Pole, and I clock thousands of hours a year on the road for business. So it’s no surprise that people often ask me for my travel advice.

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6 Tips on How to Get Work Done While Traveling

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I’m on the road a lot: I spend approximately 60 to 70 percent of my time giving speeches or attending trade shows for my company. That’s a lot of time away from the office. However, I’ve found I can actually be more productive when I travel than I am at home. Here are some tips I use to get things done while travelling the world:

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