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flightSpeak introduces CheckPoint to provide airport security wait times

flightSpeak has introduced CheckPoint, a new security wait time feature that provides estimated wait and screening times for security checkpoints at the 100 busiest airports worldwide, the company said.

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U.S. airlines expect busier travel this Thanksgiving

More travelers will fly on U.S. airlines around the Thanksgiving holiday this year than last, a trade group said on Wednesday.

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TSA boasts of shortened airport lines for summer

WASHINGTON — After hours-long airport security lines frustrated travelers and airlines alike this spring, Transportation Security Administration officials boasted that nearly all passengers experienced dramatically reduced wait times this summer.

About 98% of fliers waited 30 minutes or less for screening over the summer months and about 92% waited less than 15 minutes, secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said at a news conference Wednesday.

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U.S. Airlines See Higher Labor Day Travel Demand Than in 2015

The major U.S. airlines expect 15.6 million passengers to fly over the seven-day Labor Day travel period, up 4% from the analogous period a year ago, according to Airlines for America, the leading industry trade group.

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Headphones, Alcohol, and ‘No-Child Zones’: Flyers Reveal Their Favorite Airplane Amenities

When it comes to flying, everyone has their amenity of choice, from the perfect pair of noise-canceling headphones to the elusive, non-lumpy neck pillow. Expedia recently asked flyers which paid amenities made their must-have list—most aren’t a surprise (extra legroom), but some are pretty creative (child-free quiet zones). Here’s what made the list (in order from most-popular to least): water, phones/mobile devices, headphones, an in-flight meal, and magazines/newspapers. Thirteen percent of Americans reported not being able to live without prescription medication and 9 percent cited alcohol. That being said, Australians topped the list for being the largest fans of in-flight alcohol (14 percent put it among their top five flying essentials).

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