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Here Are the Airports With the Best and Worst Wi-Fi

Aside from lost luggage and long TSA lines, slow Wi-Fi can be one of the most frustrating things while traveling.

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DHS tightens airline security for electronics on international flights

WASHINGTON — In a massive escalation of airline security worldwide, hundreds of thousands of travelers flying to the U.S. from overseas will face additional scrutiny for laptops and other electronics larger than cellphones, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday.

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flightSpeak introduces CheckPoint to provide airport security wait times

flightSpeak has introduced CheckPoint, a new security wait time feature that provides estimated wait and screening times for security checkpoints at the 100 busiest airports worldwide, the company said.

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U.S. airlines expect busier travel this Thanksgiving

More travelers will fly on U.S. airlines around the Thanksgiving holiday this year than last, a trade group said on Wednesday.

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TSA boasts of shortened airport lines for summer

WASHINGTON — After hours-long airport security lines frustrated travelers and airlines alike this spring, Transportation Security Administration officials boasted that nearly all passengers experienced dramatically reduced wait times this summer.

About 98% of fliers waited 30 minutes or less for screening over the summer months and about 92% waited less than 15 minutes, secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said at a news conference Wednesday.

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