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New biometric screening puts security screening on the fast track at MSP

With the swipe of a finger or a blink of an eye — and $179 a year — travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can go directly to metal-detecting machines and bag-scanning lanes, bypassing serpentine lines at security checkpoints as passengers wait for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to manually check identification and boarding passes.

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Travel expo’s innovations focus on faster check-in experience

SINGAPORE — Electronic bag tags, a bag-check robot and a biometric solution for ticketing and screening were among the innovations on display at the Future Travel Experience Asia Expo held here in late October.

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Detroit Metro Airport aims for quicker security

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is aiming to shorten lines for security checks in its new long-term master plan, which is a scaled-down version of a previous plan that found nobody willing to pay for expensive amenities, including a monorail.

The new effort would add up to a dozen additional security checkpoint lanes at the North Terminal, consolidate the rabbit warren of rental car lots and expand the airport’s maintenance campus.

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Danish airport scanner helps you fly through airport security

A Danish tech company says it has found a solution to airport security queue bottlenecks: a high-tech trolley system that scans your luggage for you.

In tests, passengers using the new trolley system passed security four times faster than using standard security, according to Danish developer Exruptive.

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Alaska launches DIY bag drop pilot project at LAX

Many people are familiar with self-checkout at the grocery store – it can be a speedy and simple option when there are long lines or when purchasing just a few items. Imagine that ability, but with bags at the airport. Alaska Airlines is bringing this technology to the Los Angeles International Airport by piloting a “Scan and Fly” self-bag-drop process that started this week.

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