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DHS Drops Plan to Expand Laptop Ban In Favor Of Tighter Global Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will not extend its ban on inflight laptops and other large electronic devices to inbound flights from Europe, opting instead to tighten security measures at airports around the globe.

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TSA May Want To Flip Through Your Summer Reading Next Time You Fly

At this point, most travelers know that your electronics, your shoes, your food, and your liquids are going to have to come out of your bag (or off your person) and get extra screening just so you can get on a flight. But now, it seems books — good, old-fashioned paper books — may be joining that list.

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TSA Testing Tougher Carry-On Screening Procedures at LAX, Nine Other Airports

Airline passengers’ carry-on bags are just too cluttered, so the Transportation Security Administration is testing new procedures that would require them to remove more stuff for separate screening at 10 U.S. airports.

The procedures are being tested because passengers are cramming so much into their carry-ons that TSA screeners have trouble spotting signs of explosives, the agency said Wednesday.

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Starting February 2017, the Transportation Security Administration will limit access to its TSA Precheck expedited physical screening lanes.   Only those customers who have paid for and enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler program, such as TSA Precheck will have the most frequent and consistent access to expedited screening lanes.

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CLEAR partnership helps Delta expand efforts to ease security lines at Atlanta airport

The addition of CLEAR biometric screening lanes at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport comes a week after the airline announced similar lanes at New York-JFK and New York-LGA. With today’s launch in Atlanta, 20 of the busiest airports where Delta flies now feature CLEAR service.

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