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Starting February 2017, the Transportation Security Administration will limit access to its TSA Precheck expedited physical screening lanes.   Only those customers who have paid for and enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler program, such as TSA Precheck will have the most frequent and consistent access to expedited screening lanes.

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CLEAR partnership helps Delta expand efforts to ease security lines at Atlanta airport

The addition of CLEAR biometric screening lanes at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport comes a week after the airline announced similar lanes at New York-JFK and New York-LGA. With today’s launch in Atlanta, 20 of the busiest airports where Delta flies now feature CLEAR service.

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flightSpeak introduces CheckPoint to provide airport security wait times

flightSpeak has introduced CheckPoint, a new security wait time feature that provides estimated wait and screening times for security checkpoints at the 100 busiest airports worldwide, the company said.

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Danish airport scanner helps you fly through airport security

A Danish tech company says it has found a solution to airport security queue bottlenecks: a high-tech trolley system that scans your luggage for you.

In tests, passengers using the new trolley system passed security four times faster than using standard security, according to Danish developer Exruptive.

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New technologies and strategies strive to increase airport security and passenger experience

There have been a number of interesting developments in the field of airport security and the need for quicker, more seamless processing and baggage checks has led the likes of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to explore new security lanes. There have also been significant efforts to improve the accuracy of threat detection. These new technologies not only provide better security, but can also help to enhance the passenger experience.

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