Monthly Archives: July 2017

Hilton and IHG join Marriott in tightening cancellation policies

Hilton and IHG have become the latest hotel groups to make changes to their cancellation policies.

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The majority of passengers see in-flight wifi as a necessity.

The majority of passengers now see inflight connectivity as a necessity according to a new survey published by Inmarsat. The annual Inflight Connectivity Survey says that the majority of global passengers (60 percent) now see inflight connectivity as a necessity, not a luxury.

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Attention travelers: Start taking out your iPad at airport security

The Transportation Security Administration said on Wednesday it’s boosting security measures by requiring any carry-on electronic larger than a cellphone to be screened separately at U.S. airports.

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Frontier implementing massive expansion

Frontier Airlines will begin service in 21 new destinations by the summer of 2018, an increase of approximately 30%.

The Denver-based ultra-low-cost (ULCC) carrier will have 85 new routes, including 49 that went on sale this week.

When the expansion is complete, Frontier will service 82 cities, which the airline says account for 90% of the U.S. population.

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On point: High-end flyers reap benefits of airline loyalty programs

In general, airline loyalty programs continue to erode in value as time passes. But the past year has brought some happy developments for high-end corporate travelers.

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