Monthly Archives: June 2017

DHS tightens airline security for electronics on international flights

WASHINGTON — In a massive escalation of airline security worldwide, hundreds of thousands of travelers flying to the U.S. from overseas will face additional scrutiny for laptops and other electronics larger than cellphones, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday.

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TSA May Want To Flip Through Your Summer Reading Next Time You Fly

At this point, most travelers know that your electronics, your shoes, your food, and your liquids are going to have to come out of your bag (or off your person) and get extra screening just so you can get on a flight. But now, it seems books — good, old-fashioned paper books — may be joining that list.

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Ritz-Carlton plans to put its brand on luxury cruise ships

Ritz-Carlton is a brand that defined luxury in the lodging industry. Now, that name will be emblazoned on a new cruising and yachting venture aimed at upscale vacationers.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., a subsidiary of the hospitality giant Marriott International Inc., announced Thursday that it is launching the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, a high-end yachting and cruising endeavor that will take to the seas in 2019.

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Uber Rolls Out Tipping Feature Among Improvements

Uber is in dire need of some good karma in wake of a series of scandals.

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing service announced Tuesday that it will look to its lifeblood to hopefully turn things around.

Uber has launched the “180 Days of Change” campaign that includes allowing customers to tip drivers, something its top competitor Lyft has been doing all along.

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Marriott Now Requires 48 Hours for Cancellations

Back in 2015, TravelPulse’s Pat Clarke reported that Marriott Hotels, along with Hilton International, were toughening their cancellation policies.

At the time, the two global hoteliers were making the revolutionary move to dial back travelers’ ability to make same-day cancellations with no penalty. Starting Jan. 1, 2016, customers who couldn’t give at least 24-hours notice for a room cancellation would be charged the equivalent of one night’s room rate.

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