May 18, 2017) Whether you’ve reached 1 million miles flying Delta or you unfortunately faced a delay recently, your experience matters and Delta is committed to recognizing it. For the first time, the data-driven airline is utilizing “big data” to support the customer service role of its frontline employees and further differentiate the Delta experience.

The airline is giving flight attendants a prioritized list of customers to recognize on each domestic flight based on details like Medallion status, achieved milestones, recent flight interruptions and standing as a corporate traveler. This enables flight attendants to quickly identify the customer and personalize the engagement.

In April, the airline soft launched this technology with the latest update to the Guest Service Tool, which already provided customer information like name, status and connecting gate to flight attendants via their handheld SkyPro devices.

Delta piloted the concept on 75 flights including routes like New York to Los Angeles and Atlanta to San Francisco, finding that flight attendants reported less than 1 percent of the “recognition events” resulted in a negative customer reaction.

“Our flight attendants now have the tools at hand to personally thank and recognize our valued corporate travelers,” explained Bob Somers, Senior Vice President – Global Sales. “All 80,000 Delta people set out every day to deliver an industry-leading customer experience. That experience coupled with thoughtful programs help to position Delta as a leader in the business travel space. And we won’t stop innovating.”

While any customer could be selected for personal recognition based on a previous experience on Delta, the airline continues to go the extra mile to serve Medallion members and corporate travelers* by prioritizing them throughout their trip. This enhancement means more opportunities to thank them for being loyal to Delta.

Source: Delta