Monthly Archives: April 2017

Alitalia is bankrupt again. This time perhaps it’s terminal

WHEN employees of Alitalia were offered the chance on April 25th to vote for pay cuts and redundancies to save the troubled airline, they spurned the opportunity. In some ways it is difficult to blame them. After all, in the past they have been able to rely on the Italian government to come to the rescue of the country’s flag carrier.

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“LAX on the Move”…coming this May

A big change is coming to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) this May, and we just couldn’t wait to share the news.

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United curtails involuntary removals, reduces overbookings

United on Thursday said it would curtail involuntary removals from its planes and reduce its use of the controversial airline practice of overbooking.

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Facing harsh criticism, airlines can now point to a drop in airfares – LA Times

Facing harsh criticism over several recent scandals, the nation’s major airlines can now point to airfares that have dropped to the lowest level since the recession.

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Delta continues Boston growth

Delta will add five destinations from Boston in the late summer, continuing its Beantown expansion.

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