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Travel for Business? Do These 3 Things to Keep Your Sanity

Business travel is exciting, but it’s also exhausting. Here’s how to keep your sanity on the road.

As the CEO of a growth stage civic tech startup, my role requires that I travel frequently to serve as a guest speaker at a conference, participate in industry-focused summits, or meet with current and potential clients and partners. All of these activities require a high level of interaction and very little downtime which can quickly sap the mental, physical and emotional capacity needed to effectively run a company. Here are a few things that help me maintain my equilibrium despite a busy schedule.

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Denver’s airport finally getting a rail link to the city

It’s been a long wait, but on April 22 Denver gets what Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City and more than a dozen other U.S. cities have: rail service between the airport and downtown.

Until now, the options for getting between the city and the airport have been taxis (average fare: about $70), an often-crowded bus, car or, as of late 2014, ride-hailing services.

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JetBlue makes it easier to catch some Z’s at JFK’s T5

Sleeping on an airplane is relatively easy. Especially if you’ve invested in one of those corny-looking but comfortable neck pillows. But napping sitting upright in a chair at the airport? Not so much.

That’s why NYC-based JetBlue Airways has teamed up with MetroNaps to bring free napping pods to JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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Uber Overtakes Rental Cars Among Business Travelers

Uber accounted for 43 percent of ground transportation business transactions last quarter on Certify, the second-largest provider of expense software in North America.

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Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Bipartisan FAA Bill Without Air-Traffic Control Privatization

Legislation aims to beef up airport security and promote widespread use of commercial drones

The Senate voted 95-3 to approve a Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that beefs up airport security, promotes widespread uses of commercial drones and streamlines certification of new safety systems for private planes.

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