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American unveils new amenity kits for premium fliers

American Airlines unveiled a new collection of amenity kits on Wednesday that will begin appearing on flights this March.

American has collaborated with several big brands for its amenity kit update. The kits will feature designs and products from Cole Haan, 3LAB Skincare, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and Clark’s Botanicals. The carrier says it designed the kits with the help of Buzz, a firm described by American as “in-flight experience specialists.”

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Major US Airlines Respond to Zika Virus in Wake of Travel Advisories

U.S. airlines are keeping a close eye on the Zika virus, with some offering waivers for cancellations or ticket changes for customers traveling to affected areas. One major Latin American airline and one U.S. cruise line are also offering waivers.

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Your Guide to Business Travel: 6 Ways to Stay Ahead

Always on the move? Do these six things and you’ll never fall behind.

Like many executives, I’m often on the move. On any given week I could be flying from coast to coast visiting customers, meeting with our investors in Menlo Park or New York or attending a conference in Boston or London. Every once in awhile, you can even find me working from our HQ in San Francisco. Frequent travel has taught me more about prioritization than business school–and over the years I’ve picked up a few easy ways to stay on top of your work while on-the-move. Here are my top six:

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Headphones, Alcohol, and ‘No-Child Zones’: Flyers Reveal Their Favorite Airplane Amenities

When it comes to flying, everyone has their amenity of choice, from the perfect pair of noise-canceling headphones to the elusive, non-lumpy neck pillow. Expedia recently asked flyers which paid amenities made their must-have list—most aren’t a surprise (extra legroom), but some are pretty creative (child-free quiet zones). Here’s what made the list (in order from most-popular to least): water, phones/mobile devices, headphones, an in-flight meal, and magazines/newspapers. Thirteen percent of Americans reported not being able to live without prescription medication and 9 percent cited alcohol. That being said, Australians topped the list for being the largest fans of in-flight alcohol (14 percent put it among their top five flying essentials).

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American Airlines to boost routes out of LAX by 10%

In the three-way battle to take the lead position at Los Angeles International Airport, American Airlines is adding 25 new daily flights, starting in June.

The Fort Worth-based carrier is the biggest airline at LAX, serving about 19% of the passengers at the airport, while Delta Air Lines and United Airlines each carry about 16%. Delta handles slightly more international passengers but American holds a big lead in domestic passengers, according to the most recent LAX data.

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